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Orvieto in two words

Orvieto was Velzna, the most important town for Etruscans

In the Middle Ages it was Urbs Vetus [the old town], a very important Commune in Italy

It was the town of the Popes and of the Corpus Christi

In the Renaissance it become the town of the important architects and of Luca Signorelli

Orvieto is the town of the Duomo and "Pozzo di San Patrizio"

Its wine, its pottery and its lace are very famous in the world

Orvieto is a town of thousands caves
how to get to Orvieto

by car
motor-way "A1 Firenze-Roma", Orvieto exit
:: freeway "E45" Perugia-Todi, Todi-Orvieto exit,
and SS 448 Todi-Orvieto
:: SS 71 «Umbro Casentinese» Arezzo-Viterbo

by rail
:: on the Rome-Florence line, Orvieto's station

by bus
:: from and to Rome [F.S. Tiburtina station]
:: from and to Perugia [escalator station]

by air
:: International Airport Leonardo da Vinci
[Rome, 130 km from Orvieto]
:: Regional Airport St. Egidio [Perugia, 90 km]

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